5) PVC An Effective Solution for Making Doors, Cabinets, Modular Kitchens etc.

Service Square has innovative solutions for effectively saving money while combining excellent functionality and looks, using PVC materials for making kitchen cabinets, loft cupboards, showcases, at attractive prices.

 You can count on Service Square for the following services using PVC Materials

To assist in making your kitchens according to your taste, style and design. We have more than 20 design shades from which customers can choose. The doors and cupboards can be made sliding or open as customers wish.If customers prefer, we can design spaces combining wood and PVC materials especially while creating modular kitchens

We use other allied products like drawer units for keeping vessels, plates, glasses, provisions etc., which will save space while it will also enrich the look of the kitchen.In short, you will have a customized kitchen, the way you conceive it.

Apart from making modular kitchens, PVC is a very good alternative for making partitions,show cases, lofts, pooja shelves, wardrobes, cabinets doors, show stands, toilet doors, bed room doors, office flush doors etc. PVC materials have a wide array of uses and they can be also used for Single Paneling, False Ceiling, Multi Paneling, Wall paneling, Frame Section, Partition Section etc.

 Here is what Service Square staff will do when cleaning your Toilet.

PVC Wood

Self colors.
Cost is lesser by up to 40%.
Maintenance free.
Labor cost is low.
Installation period is very short
Price : Per Sq Ft only Rs.130/ to Rs.280/
Service Tax: 12.36%

We have to provide coats of paint.
Higher cost (Depending upon the wood).
Periodic Maintenance Works are necessary.
Labor cost is very high.
Installation period is very long.


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