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Small mistakes that lead to heart diseases


Posted on : 05/Mar/2014 4:32:31 PM


As the age increases, problems start developing in the human body which functions smoothly in the young age. Heart related diseases are among the important problems.

Diet habit, sleeping system, work, and activities leading to mental tension are all reasons to affect the blood circulation and the functioning of heart.

If we take care of some small matters, the heart will not get affected.

Some small mistakes done due to carelessness or ignorance may develop to seriously affect the heart. It is advisable to learn about these mistakes and correct. 

(please read carefully, take steps to avoid these mistakes and keep your heart healthy!) 

Failure of periodical check-ups

Most of the people carrying heart diseases are not even aware of the symptoms. So, from the age of 20 years, blood cholesterol check-up must be done every 5 years. Blood pressure check up must be taken every 2 years. Body Mass Index (BMI) must be checked during every visit to the doctor. After the age of 45, glucose level in the blood should be checked every 3 years. These will help to keep the heart in good condition. 

Forgetting family history

 Check whether any of the elder members of the family have a history of heart diseases. In case they are not alive, find out the reasons of their death and know the entire medical history. Know more about their lifestyle also. Even the children have a chance of getting heart disease.

Forgetting proper care & protection of teeth

Dental health and heart health are inter-related. Research has shown that people with unhealthy teeth, gum problems, etc are likely to develop heart disease. The bacteria released from the bad gums may be absorbed in the blood. So, kekeep the teeth and the teeth gaps clean by brushing properly. The odds of heart disease will get reduced.

Shortage of milk products intake

Recently, a research on post-menstrual women was undertaken:. The lifestyle of 82,000 women over a period of 8 years was observed. It was noted that those who failed to take sufficient quantity of milk food, wren affected with chance getting type 2 diabetes as compared with those who took sufficient milk products.

It is not wise to reduce intake of milk products under the pretext of reducing calories or fat.

Non-exposure to sunlight

Most of us do not like standing under the sun. Nobody recommends it as well. But sunlight is the main source of vitamin D, a very important element in g good health. Sufficient quantity of vitamin D will be produced only with the right quantum of exposure to sunlight. Recent research has established that those with good vitamin D content face a lower risk of blockage in blood vessels. Doctors recommend exposure to sunlight for 5 to 30 minutes between 10 AM & 3 PM.

Avoiding beans

Black beans and kidney are rich in protein. They do not contain harmful fat. They also contain soluble fiber which reduces the cholesterol level. These are available in oats and barley as well. They can reduce the cholesterol in blood vessels.

Irregular sleeping habits

Do you keep awake till late in the night? Do you get up very early in the morning? Do you keep turning & tossing in the bed while trying to sleep? Do you feel shortage of sleep?

If the answers for these questions is yes, it means that you are causing harm to your heart. Good rest and sleep in the night helps reduce blood pressure and stops irregular heart-beat. This certainly reduces the chances of heart diseases. So, if you do not sleep soundly well at east for minimum period of 6 to 8 hours, consult the doctors and have the checks. This will explain the reasons for sleep shortage.

Failure to walk

If you have the habit of driving a car to cover for even short distances, you harm your heart! So, stop your vehicle at a distance when you visit shops, banks, or personal work and walk to the place. A 10,000 walk is equivalent to 45 minutes to 1 hour of physical exercise. So, keeping the walking habit is essential!




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