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What is the ideal food for success in exams?


Posted on : 04/Mar/2014 4:40:15 PM


This is the period where the exam fevers are more prevalent than the election fevers!

Just as the students prepare a time-table chart for studying different subjects, intake of food also should be planned and practiced as per the chart.

Too much food is not OK! And too less food is also not OK! Wrong food habits will harm the health. So, it is better to take good care about the food during exams.

Parents should be aware about when and what items should be given. This would greatly reduce the tension and anxiety of the children writing the exams.

Avoid Anxiety

Usually, the children tend to get anxious during exams. They wont eat well. They wont sleep well also in ththe eagerness to perform well in the exams. This will cause extra tension in the exam hall. If they take tasty and healthy food and sleep well, they would perform well in the exams.

Children tend to keep awake long hours in the nights during exams for extra reading hours. However, it is not wise to avoid sleep and strain further by reading. Some children also feel hungry. Some wont feel hunger at all. The best way is to follow good eating habits.

Protein is good

Food rich in carbohydrates is sleep inductive. Hence, it is better to give protein rich food. Also, it is better to avoid fatty food items. Non vegetarian items contain protein. Egg and fish contain less fat and more protein. This will provide extra energy. Vegetable soups are good. They crate good appetite and also make the children more active

It is better to maintain regular intervals between each eating session. Frequent snacking or starving can bs as they would create dullness and bring sleep.

Usually, it is better to avoid deep-fried or oil rich food. It is even more avoidable during exams. Especially, avoid oil rich bajjis, bondas, samosas, and puffs.

Boiled food tems and  fibre-rich food are good. It is better to use wheat without sieving while making chapathis. It is better to take some fruit juice every day. Or even carrot or beet root juice. Lime juice is OK.

3 eating sessions

Morning - Idlis or dosas.

Noon - vegetable salad, fruit juice (glucose) vitamin or mineral rich vegetables


Iron rich food is recommended. Millet gruel is good. Dates and milk are also good as they contain iron. Papaya and pomegrenates contain vitamin D.

Early morning sun is the best source for vitamin D. It is better go out and get exposed to the early morning sun while walking is a good physical exercise and providing mental peace as well.

 Tender coconut has Potassium and can be taken in the mornings. It keeps the brain fresh.

For good memory power.

It is better to give vegetables and greens which improve memorythroughout the year not necessarily during the exams. Okra (ladys fingers), Asiatic Pennywrt (Vallarai green), eggplant, and potato contain vitamins to give better memory.

It is better to take break in between studies. Indulge in small house chore activity. Boil milk or cut vegetables or fruits. This will give some rest to the brain and will help refresh!




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