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How does consuming oats in the morning improve our health?

Posted on: 11/Jul/2024 9:22:40 AM
How many of us consume oats as breakfast daily? If not, then it`s high time to eat oats!!

It is known to us that oats are rich in nutrients like vitamin B plus calcium, magnesium, potassium etc. In addition to these, oats are rich in dietary fibres also. Hence, intake of oats every day for breakfast would bring us multiple health benefits. Point is that by boiling oats in milk or water we could get oatmeal.

Health benefits of eating oats in the morning are

Controls blood sugar levels:
The low glycemic index or GI of oats play`s a huge role in controlling blood sugar levels. Those who are diabetic must eat oats without fail. The conversion into glucose and beta glucan would take place slowly and this would be due to the presence of soluble fibres and carbohydrates in oats.

Reduces cholesterol:
The presence of soluble fibres in oats would reduce the bad cholesterol in us. As a result, we would have superb heart health. Moreover, the presence of fibres, antioxidants and potassium etc in oats would lower blood pressure and this would reduce heart disease risk.

Reduces constipation:
It is possible to avoid the issue of constipation by eating oats daily in the morning as breakfast. The fibres in oats would help us to pass stools easily.

Good for weight loss:
Those who have excess weight would want to lose their weight and intake of oats would help them in this regard. The presence of dietary fibres in oats would make the person feel full for a long duration. By this, the Epson would not consume excess foods. This would help in weight loss.

Lowers chronic diseases risk:
Inflammation in the body would get reduced due to the presence of antioxidants and fibres present in the oats. This would help us to avoid chronic diseases.

Improves bones:
Our bone health would get better when we consume oats every day as breakfast. This is due to the presence of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus etc in the oats.

Type of oats to consume:
Please do not consume instant oats as they would have lots of sugars in them.  This would reduce their nutritional value. Therefore, eat rolled oats, steel cut oats or whole oats.

How can we consume oats:
It is noteworthy that we can consume oats along with fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. It is also possible to eat oats as khichdi, oats dosa, oats idli etc and eat them.

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