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Improve your brain health by stopping these habits, take care!!

Posted on: 08/Jul/2024 12:17:37 PM
For our lives to be normal, it is highly necessary that brain health is good. By brain health, we mean optimal functioning of the brain. This would include cognitive functions, emotional well being, absence of neurological disorders etc. The bitter truth is that there are few habits that would lead to poor brain health. These habits would impair our cognitive ability, result in degenerative diseases etc. To avoid these, it is important that we must adopt a well balanced lifestyle.

Please stop these habits to improve your brain health.

Lack of sound sleep:
Sleep is very essential for both physical as well as for our brain health. By not sleeping well, there are chances of getting affected with neurodegenerative disorders etc plus it would also lead to mood issues and impairment in the cognitive functions etc. Point is that we must have a sound sleep for 6 to 7 hours at night.

Chronic stress:
The brain cells could get damaged and our memory power could reduce if we have chronic stress. The reason is that chronic stress would result in cortisol release and this would be harmful.. It is essential to keep our stress under control by practising meditation, yoga, breathing exercises etc regularly.

Poor diet:
Our brain health would get affected negatively if we consume a diet rich in sugar, unhealthy fats, processed foods etc. These foods could lead to inflammation and oxidative stress etc and these would affect our brain health. Eating a well balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc would be superb.

Physical inactivity:
It is worth noting that lack of physical activity would lower the production of BDNF or brain derived neurotrophic factor that supports neuron growth and function etc. Therefore, we must engage in physical activity like walking, jogging, swimming etc.

Social isolation:
There are chances of cognitive decline and more chances of dementia etc, when we are socially isolated. Hence, it is necessary to have regular interactions with family and friends etc

Excess intake of alcohol, smoking etc:
By excessive alcohol intake, there are m more possibilities of brain shrinkage, cognitive impairments etc. Therefore, we must limit the alcohol intake or quit alcohol. Truth is that blood flow to our brain would get lowered by smoking leading to dementia and strokes etc. Hence, quitting smoking is necessary.

Drinking water throughout the day is essential for our brain health to be good. It must be noted that dehydration would lead to shrinkage of brain cells plus impair our cognitive functions etc.

Lack of mental stimulation:
There are more chances of cognitive decline and dementia etc in us if we do not involve ourselves in brain stimulating activities like reading books, solving puzzles etc.

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