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Are you aware of these wonderful health benefits of drinking amla water every morning?

Posted on: 22/Jun/2024 9:20:49 AM

Do you have the habit of drinking amla water every morning after waking up?

Also known as Indian Gooseberry, amla belongs to the family Phyllanthaceae. It is noteworthy that amla fruit is spherical in shape and light green or yellowish coloured. Amla has many nutrients such as vitamins A, C, E and minerals like iron, calcium etc. Intake of amla would improve our immunity to a huge extent is known.

Preparation of amla water:

Fresh amla fruits or amla powder is taken and soaked in water and kept overnight. The product we get is amla water and this can be consumed every morning.

Health benefits of drinking amla water every morning are

Immunity booster:

The production as well as the function of WBC would get enhanced by drinking this amla water rich in vitamin C.  Our immunity would get boosted and this would then help us to fight infections, diseases etc well.

Improves digestion:

By consuming amla water in the morning, the fibre present in amla acts as laxative and this would help us to have regular bowel movements. As a result, we would be free from constipation problems. Our digestion would become better and nutrient absorption would be good.

Good for skin health:

Oxidative stress would be lowered and collagen production would be promoted by consuming amla water every morning. This would make our skin more elastic and aging signs would get reduced. We would get superb complexion also.

Regulation of blood sugar levels:

The presence of fibres plus chromium etc in amla water would regulate our blood sugar levels. Insulin sensitivity would be improved. By this, we would be able to manage our diabetes well and prevent further health complications etc.

Good for weight loss:

It is believed that the presence of fibres in amla would help us to lose our excess weight. By drinking amla water, we would feel full for a long duration and avoid eating foods unnecessarily. This would help us to lose weight

Good for heart health:

The antioxidant properties of amla water would lower the levels of bad cholesterol in us. This would improve heart health.

Good for eye health:

It is known that amla is rich in carotene and vitamin A. This would make our eyesight better and we would be free from age related macular degeneration etc.

Anti-inflammatory property:

When we drink amla water every morning, the inflammation in the body would get lowered. This would help us to manage conditions like arthritis etc well.

Good for hair health:

There would be superb blood c circulation on the scalp when we drink amla water. This is due to the presence of phytonutrients, minerals etc in amla water. As a result, our hair would become stronger and we would have less hair loss etc.

Improved liver function:

By drinking amla water every morning, our liver would function superbly as toxins would get eliminated from the body. The high fibre content of amla plays a role here. Effective detoxification would improve our overall health.

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