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Fasting frequently could reduce the chances of getting cancers!!

Posted on: 21/Jun/2024 9:02:32 AM

Do you fast regularly? If yes, then there is some good news for you!!

Some persons might not eat or drink for the sake of their health or for some religious purpose etc. This is fasting. This fasting could be both short or long one and it could be complete or partial also.

It must be noted that fasting would provide us with many health benefits like weight loss, good for our gut health, heart health etc. It has been found out by some researchers that by fasting the body would be able to fight against the invasion of cancer cells also.

Details about the research study:

The research study was conducted on mice by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre or MSK in New York, USA. The research brought to light the fact that fasting would help the body to defend against cancer. The cancer cells would not get the much needed nutrients that are essential for their growth and multiplication etc.

Mr. Joseph Sun, the co-author of the research study mentioned that tumors are very hungry and they take up the essential nutrients leading to hostile environments rich in lipids etc. Truth is that these lipids would be detrimental to most immune cells. He added that fasting would re-programme these natural killer cells to better survive in the suppressive environment.

It was later revealed by a report from Science Daily magazine that fasting plus other dietary regimens were explored as ways to starve the cancer cells of the nutrients that would be needed for their growth. Finally, this would make the cancer treatments more effective. It is noteworthy that white blood cells are usually responsible for fighting pathogens etc. Rightly, these white blood cells are called natural killers or NK.

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