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Do you know that severe itching especially during the nights could be due to liver issues?

Posted on: 20/Jun/2024 9:09:17 AM

One of the most important organs present in our body is the liver.  It is present below the ribs in the upper right part of the stomach. It is worthy to note that the liver plays a very important role and any issue in the liver is a very serious one.

From digestion of food to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels to controlling blood clotting to the removal of toxins, the liver plays a huge role in us. Therefore, we must keep liver health in good shape for our lives to be normal.

These days, many of us do not take care of our health due to the deteriorating lifestyle etc. As a result, the liver gets affected badly. There are also chances of getting liver cirrhosis if our liver gets damaged.

Severe itching during nights:

It must be noted that liver issue is revealed by an important sign that is severe itching especially during the nights. Our entire body would itch if there is any issue in the liver but itching could become unmanageable during nights. In Particular, we could have more itching in our feet. In such a scenario, we must consult a doctor without fail and get treated.

Causes for itching due to liver issues:

Bile salts accumulation:

Bile salts would get accumulated under the skin if we have liver disease. This could lead to severe itching.

Female sex hormones:

Especially during pregnancy and when undergoing hormone replacement therapy etc, itching would occur.

Elevated alkaline phosphatase or ALP:

Those with itching due to liver issues would have high levels of ALP in them.

Raised histamine levels:

It is believed that some people with pruritus would have increased histamine levels and this could lead to night itching.

Various other symptoms that would indicate the presence of damaged liver are

Swelling of stomach:

It is noteworthy that when we have liver disease then fluid would get accumulated in our stomach leading to swelling. So, take care

Feeling nausea:

Point is that if you are vomiting or feel nauseous every day then it could be due to liver issues. In such a scenario, liver tests must be carried out without fail.

Lack of sleep:

Liver issues can also lead to poor sleeping patterns etc in us. Hence, if there is any issue in sleeping for days together we must consult a doctor without fail. It is well known that sleep is highly essential for our mental as well as physical health.

Change in urine colour:

When there is any colour change in urine, then we must visit a doctor or a liver specialist compulsorily.

Prevention of liver disease:

We could prevent liver related issues by staying away from eating fatty foods, quitting alcohol and smoking plus by avoiding bad eating habits etc.

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