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Do you know about these symptoms of kidney cancer and its lesser known causes?

Posted on: 18/Jun/2024 9:17:22 AM

Are you aware of the fact that in 2018 about 403300 were affected by kidney cancer and there were as many as 175000 deaths due to kidney cancer across the world?

Inside our body, there are 2 bean shaped organs and these are kidneys. Also called renal cancer, kidney cancers begin from the kidneys. These days, there are many people who get affected by kidney cancer. The 3 main types of kidney cancer are renal cell cancer or RCC, transitional cell cancer or TCC and Wilms tumor. Information gathered is that renal cell cancers account for 80percent of kidney cancers and TCC accounts for the remaining 20% cancers. Point is that males are more affected by kidney cancers than females.

Reasons for kidney cancer:

It is known to us that cancer occurs due to uncontrolled or abnormal growth of cells in the body. There are few risk factors that are associated with kidney cancer like smoking, obesity, radiation therapy, long term dialysis treatment, high BP. Family history also plays a role in this. That is if any member of the family has kidney cancer then this issue could affect the next generation too.

Symptoms of kidney cancer:

Initially, kidney cancer might not show symptoms in persons but later the symptoms might be visible. Various symptoms are

Blood in urine:

The presence of a high amount of blood in the body would result in blood in the urine. That is the urine color would become dark brownish or pink etc.

Weight loss:

Those with kidney cancer would lose their appetite for eating food due to pain, or issues in breathing etc. People with kidney cancer might feel very tired from eating food. They would lose weight.

Presence of lump in flank area:

Kidney cancer is also shown by the presence of a lump in the kidney area. Then the person must see a doctor or kidney specialist without fail.

Severe pain in back or sides:

It must be noted that persons who have intense pain on their back or sides etc might be kidney cancer patients. Not only this, pain in the lower back might also be a symptom of kidney cancer.

Kidney cancer diagnosis:

Tests like ultrasound, CT scan, biopsy and urine tests etc would reveal the presence of kidney cancer in a person. In the next step, removal of cancer by nephrectomy or surgical procedure or cryoablation or non-surgical procedure etc would be carried out. 

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