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Women must never ignore these warning signs of magnesium deficiency in them!!

Posted on: 15/Jun/2024 9:13:48 AM

How many are aware of the fact that magnesium plays an important role in us like in biochemical reactions, muscle functions, nerve functions, blood glucose control and protein synthesis etc?

For their overall health as well as well being to be good, every woman must compulsorily maintain adequate magnesium levels in them. In some women, this is not possible and as a result of that they face many health issues due to magnesium deficiency.

Various warning signs of magnesium deficiency in women are

Poor cardiovascular health:

It must be taken into account that magnesium plays a role in maintaining cardiovascular health in women. Therefore, poor magnesium levels in women would lead to heart attack, strokes etc. Information is that women who are magnesium deficient would get palpitations, chest pain and be more prone to blood clots etc.

Prone to fractures and bone issues etc:

After the menopause stage, women are at high risk of getting osteoporosis problems in them. In this condition, women would have weak and brittle bones and would get bone fractures easily. They would also get bone related ailments etc.

Muscle twitching, seizures etc:

It is true that magnesium in the body would help in regulating muscle contractions and would prevent excess muscle tension etc. They could get muscle cramps, spasms and weakness etc very easily.  Some women can also get muscle twitching and seizures etc also.

Mood based issues:

For the secretion of serotonin or happy hormone, magnesium is very important. Magnesium deficient women would get mood disorders etc. It must be taken into account that women with low magnesium would show irritability, mood swings, issues in concentration etc.

Frequent headaches, migraines etc:

Research studies have shown that intake of magnesium supplements by women would reduce the frequency and severity of migraines. Truth is that magnesium would regulate neurotransmitter function and blood vessel dilation.

PMS and menstrual cramps etc:

It is noteworthy that many women experience PMS or pre menstrual syndrome and menstrual cramps etc in them. These would affect the quality of women`s lives. Symptoms of PMS like bloating, irritability etc would get reduced by magnesium supplements intake. By this, the overall menstrual health would get better.

Type-2 diabetes risk:

The bitter fact is that women with magnesium deficiency have more chances of developing insulin resistance. It is known that insulin resistance can lead to type-2 diabetes also. The blood sugar levels of women would get regulated with the help of magnesium.

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