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Manage hyperthyroidism in this summer season by drinking these wonderful homemade drinks!!

Posted on: 28/May/2024 9:31:13 AM

Present in the lower part of the neck is butterfly shaped thyroid gland which is an endocrine gland. For our overall well being, maintaining a healthy thyroid function is very essential. It is worth noting that thyroid plays a huge role in regulation of body`s metabolism plus energy production and hormone balance etc. Persons with thyroid disorder would show symptoms like slow heart rate, feeling exhausted, weight gain, mood swings etc.

The functions of thyroid can be managed by consuming these homemade drinks.

Intake of green tea:

Healthy thyroid function can be maintained in us by drinking green tea that is rich in antioxidants and l-theanine. Point Is that antioxidants would protect the thyroid gland from oxidative stress and l-theanine would enhance the production of thyroid hormones.

Intake of turmeric latte:

It would be possible for us to maintain healthy thyroid functions by intake of turmeric containing cucurmin which is an anti-inflammatory compound. It is true that inflammation could lead to thyroid dysfunction in us.

Intake of ginger tea:

It is well known that by drinking ginger tea our digestion as well as inflammation would get better. Hypothyroidism would lead to digestive issues and drinking this tea would reduce the symptoms. Our thyroid health would get impacted positively by ginger tea with anti-inflammatory properties.

Intake of Ashwagandha tea:

An adaptogenic herb Ashwagandha has been used to support thyroid functions. In those persons with hypothyroidism, thyroid hormone levels would get regulated when they drink this tea. Body`s stress response would be modulated and the overall endocrine system would be supported.

Intake of blueberry smoothie:

For thyroid health to be good, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins are very essential. Proper functioning of thyroid gland, combination of nutrients plus selenium, zinc, vitamin C is necessary.

Intake of lemon water:

Vitamin C is present in lemon drink and this drink can be prepared easily in the homes. By drinking this, our immunity would be improved. It must be noted that lemon water would help in flushing out the toxins. It is necessary to incorporate these superb drinks into our everyday routine for the sake of our thyroid health.

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