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Foods that would help us to avoid dark circles around the eyes and get a superb appearance!!

Posted on: 09/Oct/2023 9:29:05 AM
We all want our face to be bright and beautiful and we would get depressed if we see moles or pimples or presence of dark circles around eyes etc. It is a fact that the presence of dark circles around eyes could happen in both males as well as in females.

The issue of dark circles around our eyes could be due to multiple factors like thinning skin under eyes, anaemia from iron deficiency, overexposure to sunlight, lack of quality sleep etc.

The dark circles around our eyes could be avoided with the help of these foods.

Using potatoes:

This is an important food that can remove the dark circles around our eyes. It must be noted that the potatoes are packed with bleaching agents that can lighten the dark circles etc. First juice from the potatoes is obtained and cotton balls are used to dab this juice on the affected portion around the eyes for some time. After 10 minutes, remove cotton balls and wash your eyes with cold water.

Using rose water:

Cotton balls must be soaked in rose water and then placed over the dark circles. This is then left for 10 minutes. By following this remedy twice daily for a few weeks, we would be able to avoid dark circles completely.

Using cucumber:

Skin lightening and astringent properties of cucumber would play a huge role here. The slices from cucumber are kept on the affected area around our eyes. After 10 minutes, eyes are washed with water. This must be done twice per day for atleast a week.

Using lemon juice:

The presence of vitamin C in the lemon juice would act as an antioxidant and would rejuvenate the skin. With cotton balls, lemon juice must be applied around the eyes. It must be rinsed off after 10 minutes. This procedure must be done twice every day.

Using aloe vera gel:

The aloe gel must be taken and applied slowly around the eyes for about 5minutes. Then it must be left for about 10 to15 minutes. This procedure must be done once in the day and nonce before going to bed at night.

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