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Be careful!! Not eating breakfast, then you might have to face these health issues!!


Posted on : 15/Nov/2022 5:44:08 PM

Not for nothing break fast or break the fast is called as the important meal of the day!!

It is very important to eat breakfast every day as it would give us the much needed energy that is needed to carry out our day to day activities. By eating breakfast, we are breaking the fast the body went through in the night. Many people these days skip or don`t eat breakfast due to various reasons like lack of time, weight loss etc. It is okay if we skip our breakfast very rarely but it should not be done regularly as it could lead to serious side effects in us.

Side effects of skipping breakfast are

Heart attacks:
Those persons who skip breakfast would have 27% more chances of getting heart attacks than others who eat breakfast. This was mentioned by a study. Not eating breakfast could increase BP and this would result in clogging of the arteries and then to heart attacks. It is true that by eating a healthy breakfast we could actually avoid heart attacks also.

More risk of type-2 diabetes:
It has been brought out by a research conducted by Harvard University School of Public Health that women who don`t eat breakfast are more prone  to get type-2 diabetes in them.

Weight gain:
It must be noted that persons who are on weight loss process and skip their breakfast regularly must be careful. These persons might be gaining weight rather than losing their excess weight. Point is that persons who skip breakfast would consume more calories, sugars etc and this would put on weight. So, please be careful

High fatigue and poor memory:
It was revealed that persons who skip breakfast would have poor memory and would feel fatigued all the time when compared to others who eat breakfast regularly.

Cancer risk:
As the person who had skipped breakfast would be consuming more foods then he or she could become obese. Fact is that being obese is associated with the cancer risk.

Causes migraines:
There could be massive dip in the blood sugar levels when he or she doesn`t eat breakfast. This could lead to release of hormones to compensate for the reduction in the blood glucose levels. The blood pressure would become more and it could lead to headaches and migraines etc.

Leads to hair loss in us:
This is one of the major side effects of not eating breakfast. It must be noted that by eating breakfast the growth of hair follicles on the head would be promoted. Truth is that If a persrson wants thick dense hairs then he or she must eat protein rich breakfast every day.

Deprived of nutrients:
By not eating breakfast, we are depriving our body of essential nutrients. By this, our daily requirements of important nutrients, vitamins etc would not be met.

Immunity would go down:
This is also one serious issue of avoiding breakfast. This would lead to more diseases and infections in us. The immune cells would not be able to fight infections etc. So, please take care.



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