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Avoid or reduce the risk of arthritis by following these important things in your daily life!!


Posted on : 14/Nov/2022 5:22:41 PM

These days, we come across many senior persons or adults having arthritis problems. These arthritis affected persons  face lots of issues in their day to day lives and find their lives tough.  It is inflammation of one or more joints and it could cause pain, swelling, joint stiffness. It is noteworthy that arthritis would affect knees, hips, hands etc in us. In some cases, the damage to cartilage could be irreversible also. Therefore, we must take proper care of the joints from cartilage damage.

Various ways we must follow to be avoid or reduce the risk of arthritis issue in usa sre

By maintaining healthy body weight:
Our knee joints would face extra load when we are bulkier or overweight, This would finally lead to arthritis in us. Therefore, it is necessary to manage weights. Not only that, excess body weight or excess fat tissue could secrete specific chemicals that would lead to the cartilage damage. It is necessary that we must maintain a healthy BMI between 18.5 and 24.9.

By avoiding smoking:
It is true that smoking could speed up the damage of cartilage and could lead to worsening of the arthritis issue. The treatments for arthritis could be made less effective by smoking. By quitting smoking, we would be able to get protection from arthritis.

By exercising regularly:
It is very important to do exercises regularly to be free from arthritis issues. The exercise would help us to maintain joint strength and flexibility. Various exercises we can do every day are walking, jogging, cycling, swimming etc.

By maintaining a healthy posture:
There are chances of excessive pressure on the joints when we sit in a bad posture for long periods. This would make the joints wear out faster. It is learnt that a healthy alignment of all the joints during standing, sitting and walking etc could prevent arthritis in us.

By avoiding high heels etc:
The joints of feet, ankles, hip and spine etc could face more strain while wearing high heels. It is possible to get arthritis pain by wearing high heels over a long time.

By consuming a healthy & well balanced diet:
For maintaining a healthy body weight, it is a must to control the intake of calories. The anti-inflammatory properties of foods like ginger, garlic, fish, nuts, berries etc could be superb. It is necessary to avoid excessive salt intake, excess sugar, processed foods and saturated fats etc as they could lead to inflammation of the joints. It is also important to control diabetes because of the fact that diabetes would increase the risk of osteoarthritis issue. We would be able to prevent the formation and d progression of arthritis by controlling the blood sugar levels well. 



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