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Know about these unknown superb benefits of being single and unmarried?


Posted on : 12/Nov/2022 7:06:53 PM

Having a life partner could be both boon as well as bane!!

It is good and advantageous to have a life partner because we would be able to share our happiness and sadness with them. They would provide moral support for us when we face problems etc. The partner if working would also help us financially too. It is often mentioned by our seniors or elders that life is complete only after marriage.

These days, lots of issues happen between married couples and due to this they get separated or divorced etc. Some after getting divorced get married once again whereas others prefer to live alone or being single after divorce. It is noteworthy that being single or unmarried too would be highly beneficial in many ways. It is amazing to note that 11th November is celebrated as Singles or Bachelors day not without reason.

Various benefits of being single or unmarried are

Better sleep:
It has been mentioned by a study that those persons who are single or unmarried sleep well when compared to the married ones. It is a well known fact that by sleeping well our mind and body would be healthy and we would be able to avoid certain health issues.

Less stress:
Stress has become very common these days and it can be due to several reasons. It must be noted that being in a relationship or marriage would bring stress like emotional stress, financial stress and mental stress etc. By being alone or single, we might not experience these stresses as we might spend time on ourselves and our productivity etc.

More workouts:
When a person is single , then he or she would be able to spend more time doing work outs or other physical activities like running, weight lifting etc. More time would be available at their disposal for the singles and they would be able to do physical activities well. In a study conducted by NIH it was found out that singles have more desire to join gyms ets and are more health oriented.

Making own schedules:
By being single or unmarried he or she need not have to worry about the other person. They would be able to take any decision easily or make their own schedules. It is not necessary  to take into account the priorities of the partner when being single. 

More happiness and peace:
It would be possible to be ourselves when we are single or unmarried. We would be able to find happiness within ourselves and practise self-love. The unmarried persons would be self contented with their lives and this would in turn make them happy and peaceful. It has been brought to light by a study that women who are single are more happier thahan other women who are married.



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