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Be aware of this important symptom that will appear 10 years before the actual heart attack?


Posted on : 10/Nov/2022 6:22:23 PM

A person could get a heart attack when the blood flow to the heart gets severely blocked or reduced etc. These days, occurance of heart attacks have become so common that even many youngsters in their 20s and 30s get affected and face issues. It is known that heat attacks can cause death all of a sudden and hence known as silent killers.

The sensational news is that as per a recent study a condition known as angina pectoris could appear in a person a decade or 10 years before the person could actually get a heart attack. The persons with angina pectoris would have symptoms like squeezing, pressure, feeling heavy, chest tightness, chest pain etc.

There are 4 types of angina pectoris namely stable angina, unstable angina, microvascular angina and  vasospastic or variant angina. This was according to the AHA or American Heart Association. It was mentioned by AHA in a recent study that this angina pectoris condition could appear or show up 10 years before the actual heart attack.

In the research study, General Practitioner/GP, hospital and death data from 2002 to 2018 were collected and it involved half a dozen adults who did not have any prior history of chest pain or cardiovascular disease etc. Point is that the study was assisted by  NHR Applied Research Collaboration West Midlands.

It was found out by this study that patients with unattributed chest pain were 15% higher risk of getting a heart attack in the first year with a continued increased risk for 10 years following their first hospital visit. Just 30percent of the patients received lipid lowering medication and these patients had top risk factors for cardiovascular disease. 

It must be noted that those patients with high risk profile and unexplained chest pain should be given more attention to reduce heart attacks in them in the future. This was according to the researchers.

Chest pain is a common reason for the patients to go to the GP. This was according to prof Kevin Jordan, project head and professor of Biostatistics at Keele University`s School of Medicine. He hinted that there could be many reasons for chest pain and the patients do not get specific diagnosis.

It is learnt that these patients are more likely to get heart attacks in the future than patients given a non-cardiac reason for their chest pain. He spoke about how common factors in patients who did not go on to suffer heart attacks would be identified. 



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