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Know about these sensational hidden benefits of consuming gulkand?

Posted on: 05/Nov/2022 5:35:51 PM
How many of us know what gulkand is?

A concoction made of many ingredients such as rose petals etc is gulkand. Mostly it would consist of carbohydrates that are essential, for providing energy and dietary fibre that would ease digestive issues. Gulkhand is spoken highly by many and that is due to the fact that it has many medicinal properties that can cure many health issues or diseases etc in us.

In our Indian culture, paan or betel leaf is being offered for the guests after heavy meals and this has been going on for many generations. Mostly this paan is eaten with many spiecs such as fennel,cardamom, gulkand etc. Made with rose petals and sugar, gulkand is a viscous jam and highly delicious to eat.

Preparation of gulkand at home:
It is easy to prepare gulkand in our homes by following these steps. In the first step, a wide mouthed jar is taken and inside it is arranged a few fresh rose petals in several layers and honey or sugar is added to that. Then,  the mouth of the jar is closed tightly and kept under the sunlight every day for 3 to 4 weeks. Availability of sunlight and season plays a huge role in the preparation of gulkand.  

Various health benefits we could get by consuming gulkand are

Keep us cool:
In the summer season, by eating a spoon of gulkand the temperature would be kept constant. Gulkhand can also be added to lassi for improving the taste. By eating gulkand we can avoid sunstroke etc. Mouth ulcers could get treated.

Good for digestion:
We could be free from several digestive issues like bloating,belching and heartburns etc by eating a spoon of gulkand. Thoise with constipation issues could feel relieved by consuming gulkand as it would soften the stools.

Treats cough and cold well:
If we suffer from coughs and colds then it is good to eat gulkand. By this, we could get relief from these issues. Consuming this superfood could soothe the throat.

Pain reducing properties:
It is amazing to note that the presence of  plant ingredients like quercetin and kaempferol in the rose petals plus flavonoids etc would reduce the pain in us. Both pain as well as inflammation could get reduced well.

Treats bacterial infections:
This is also one superb benefit of eating gulkand. The presence of antioxidants in gulkand would treat bacterial infections effectively.

Increases sperm counts in males:<:
Males would be highly benefited by consuming gulkand. Their sperm count would become more by this.

Relaxation from menstrual issues:
Women suffer a lot during menstruation is a known fact. It is believed that by consuming gulkand a woman in her periods would be able to stop excess bleeding plus reduce white discharge and other menstrual issues. Muscles of reproductive organs would get relaxed and the woman would get superb relief from the abdominal pain.

Purifies blood:
It is important to mention that by eating gulkand having antimicrobial and antioxidant properties the blood the toxins would be eliminated and blood would be purified.