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Reduce the risk of getting chronic diseases or health issues by following these daily activities without fail!!

Posted on: 06/Oct/2022 6:50:22 PM
Many times, it`s the faulty lifestyle choices of a person that would result in chronic health issues!!

Chronic diseases would certainly affect the longevity of a person and hence the person must be very careful.

Point is that not being able to give up smoking or having unhealthy eating habits or jobs that need a person to sit continuously for a long time or being addicted to screens and hence losing sleep etc would lead to chronic diseases in us. Though tougher to make, the healthy lifestyle choices would help to increase the lifespan of a person.

Various examples of chronic diseases are diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease and metabolic syndrome etc. Truth is that it is never too late for a person to make changes in his or her lifestyle and reduce the chances of chronic diseases etc.

Every person must do these daily activities to reduce the risk of getting chronic health issues. These are

By eating healthy diet:
It is necessary to eat a healthy diet consisting of less oil/less carbs/more proteins etc. It would be superb to eat different types of foods instead of focusing on a particular food. Therefore, a person must consume a variety of foods in the right amounts. A person could get huge benefits if he or she eats green leafy vegetables plus  avoiding junk or processed foods etc.

By exercising everyday:
Everyday, we must do less intense exercises like running, jogging, cycling etc for at least half an hour. For atleast 2 days in a week, we must incorporate muscle strengthening activities. It would be good to avoid lifts or elevators etc and use the staircase plus avoid sitting continuously for a long time at the workplace etc.

By abstaining from substance abuse:
There are more chances of getting atherosclerosis and blood clots etc by smoking and drinking alcohol. By this, a person would get heart attacks etc. The risk of getting lifestyle diseases would reduce if he or she gives up smoking etc. Fact is that persons who have given up alcohol and tobacco would have 20% to 30% reduction in the deaths due to heart diseases.

By getting enough sleep:
It is really shocking to note that insufficient sleep or not sleeping on time could lead to development and poor management of diabetes, heart disease, obesity etc. Therefore, every adult must sleep for 6 to 8 hours daily . It is necessary that before going to sleep the person must compulsorily avoid using a screen.