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Your reddish coloured eyes can be due to these reasons, take care!!

Posted on: 05/Oct/2022 9:25:28 AM
Sometimes, while standing before the mirror, we would have noticed our eyes in reddish colour and we would have felt shocked!!

Just like the health of our body, the health of our eyes is very important. Many of us do not take proper care of their eyes and suffer from eye issues later on.

These days, with more electronic gadgets present it is natural that our eyes get exposed to the screens of televisions, mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc.  One of the most common eye issues is changes in vision. Apart from this, many people might have red colored eyes. The red coloured eyes could be due to tiredness and not sleeping well etc but it also be due some health issues too.

Various reasons why we could have red colored eyes are

Madras eye or conjunctivitis issue or pink eye:
This is one most common problem that could occur in our eyes and it would lead to redness. There is a thin clear membrane that covers the eye and lines the inside of eyelids. This is called conjunctiva. When this membrane becomes inflamed then it could lead to reddishness in the eyes. In this issue, persons apart from redness would also have discharge, eye swelling etc.

Coronavirus infection or Covid 19:
Though Coronavirus infections are often associated with the infection in the lungs, one important symptom is eye redness. So be careful.

Mostly it is our nose that would get affected by allergies. There are times when this does not happen and our eyes would show symptoms of allergy. One symptom is red colour in the eyes. The reddish eyes could be due to pollen or dust mites or animal hairs etc. Apart from these, we could also have itchiness and burning sensations in eyes etc.

Contact lens:
The red coloured eyes could also be due to the contact lens. It is a must to clean the contact lens with solution and then use them. Not only that, while wearing the contact lens we must also keep our hands very clean. The lens must  not be broken etc. These important measures must be followed and if not followed then lenses might lead to abrasion on the eye surface and this would allow the infection to  enter.

Dry eye syndrome:
In some people, tears would not be enough to lubricate their eyes . This could lead to eye redness plus dryness and irritations etc.