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Chewing cloves early in the morning on an empty stomach will provide us numerous benefits!!

Posted on: 21/Sep/2022 4:33:18 PM
One popular spice that is used in making many dishes is clove. It is also known by the name laung and cloves are dried flower buds from clove trees. It is known that the ground spice mixture is used in soups, meat preparations etc. It is superb to mention here that various parts of clove like stem,. Flower buds and leaves are being used in Ayurveda medicines etc. One important compound present in clove is eugenol and it is anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties.

Chewing clove on an empty stomach daily could give us these fantastic benefits

Good for liver health:
It is believed that the dried clove buds have hepatoprotective properties on the liver. By promoting the growth of new cells, liver health would get improved.

Controls blood sugar:
This is also one important benefit of chewing clove in an empty stomach daily. In persons with diabetic condition, the sugar levels get controlled. Insulin resistance would get reduced and insulin secretion would become better etc.

Reduces nausea:
The anaesthetic and antiseptic properties of clove are superb and these would help a person with morning sickness. It is true that clove when comes in contact with saliva would produce certain enzymes and this could lower nausea etc.

Good for oral health:
For many years, clove has been used to treat tooth pain. Not only that, chewing cloves early in the morning on an empty stomach would also reduce oral inflammation plus plaque, gingivitis etc.

Boosts digestive health:
The warm tendency of cloves would help in better digestion. This is possible by secretion of digestive juices.

Reduces joint pain:
The presence of manganese and flavonoids in cloves would help in maintaining the bone density of the person. The bone tissue would get repaired by these elements. By this, joint pain would be reduced.