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Are you aware of these wonderful benefits of oiling your navel or belly button?


Posted on : 20/Sep/2022 5:55:41 PM

Navel therapy or navel oiling or belly button oiling are all one and the same and they have been done for many generations. The life of a person starts at navel and this is as per Ayurveda and it is an important link between a mother and growing child in her womb. From the navel, many veins go to different parts or organs in our body. There is a superb belief that taking proper care of the belly button by oiling would provide us with numerous health benefits.

These are the various benefits of oiling our belly button.

Relieves joint pain:
Many older people now have joint pain issues and find their lives highly difficult. It is believed that applying oil to the belly button would provide some relief for the person.

Soothes dry eyes:
Dry eyes issue can be due to several reasons and it refers to the lack of production of tears in the eyes. The veins in the eyes would get nourished by applying oil to the belly button. The person would not have eye irritations or burning sensations etc.

Treats upset stomach:
One common issue that most of us would have in our lives is stomach upset or stomach discomfort. This issue is associated with symptoms like diarrhoea, indigestion, stomach pain, nausea, bloating etc. It is believed that by applying peppermint oil with coconut oil base in the navel could relieve us from constipation, bloating etc.

Lowers menstrual pain:
Truth is that during the menstrual cycle or periods it would be superb for the women to warm castor oil and apply it on the belly button. This would immediately reduce the menstrual pain and reduce endometriosis symptoms also.

Boosts fertility:
Not many women would know that an oiling belly button or navel could boost fertility also. It would be superb to massage organic oil over the navel so that the eggs quality gets improved and the uterus gets nourished etc.

Makes the face to glow:
We would be able to get rid of skin blemishes easily by massaging a mixture of neem oil and coconut oil on the navel. The face would be glowing and radiant. Not only that, by oiling the belly button pimples and acnes would also go away. A combination of lemon oil and almond oil over the navel would remove pigmentation on the face.

Mind becomes calm:
One fantastic health benefit of oiling the belly button or navel is that it would calm the mind. By this, good mental health would be there.




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