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Older adults must eat these important easily digestible foods for their health to be superb!!


Posted on : 19/Sep/2022 5:15:42 PM

We always desire to be young and energetic always in our lives but the bitter truth is that it would not be possible.

It is true that we all age over the years and get few health issues. As we age or grow older, it is necessary that we must maintain a proper diet as well as lifestyle and this would become even more important for those above the age of 65.

Poor food choices are the main reason why many older people get health issues. In the older age, the body`s metabolism and lean body mass would start to degenerate and to counter these it is highly essential to take proper care of the health. The elder persons would not have the ability to digest certain foods. So they must eat only those foods that could be digested by them well.

Various easily digestible foods for older adults are

Consumption of yoghurt:
Intake of calcium becomes very essential when a person grows older. This would be due to the weakening of their bones and the need for calcium to strengthen the bones.  The older adults must eat calcium based foods for their calcium requirements and yoghurt is one such food. Other important ingredients present in yoghurt are zinc, probiotics, vitamin B and D etc. The immune system would get boosted.

Consumption of eggs:
As we grow older, our protein requirements would also become more. Eggs are foods that are very rich in proteins. It is necessary that elders must eat eggs to get proteins plus others like 13 essential vitamins and choline. It is known that choline would help in the liver functioning, brain development plus nerve functions, muscle movements, maintain muscle mass etc.

Consumption of fish:
Proteins as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids like omega 3 fatty acids etc are present in the fishes. Therefore, older adults must eat fish without fail. It must be noted that the healthy fat present in the fish would help the older adults to maintain heart health.

Consumption of fibres:
The intestines as well as the digestive system of the older adults would be able to function properly when he or she consumes fibre rich foods. Fiber intake would provide them with the right amount of prebiotics. These persons would feel full for a longer time and would not eat foods in excess. Various examples of fibre rich foods are garlic, beans, green leafy vegetables and bananas etc.

Consumption of vitamin supplements:
Micronutrients play a huge role in the healthy lives of the elder persons. Therefore, it is essential to consume vitamin supplements or multivitamins etc to get the daily requirements of micronutrients like iron, z zinc, selenium, magnesium etc plus vitamin B, C and D etc.




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