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Recent research - Main symptoms to be affected by heart attack!


Posted on : 17/Aug/2022 2:10:59 PM

Getting affected by a stroke or heart attack is a very serious issue likely to cause death!

Heart Attacks/strokes are one of the major reasons for deaths in the world!

When affected by stroke, there are issues of weakening of the body, twitching facial muscles, and incoherent speech!

When affected by a heart attack, pain in the chest, pain in the upper part of the body, breathing problems, cold sweating, nausea, and giddiness are the symptoms.

To prevent the advent of these 2 silent killers, one needs to understand the nature of these diseases and how they affect the human body!

Why there are serious matters of concern?

The important thing to note is that these 2 heart attacks and stroke will not give any indication of their advent! Even though there may be very mild symptoms, neglecting or ignoring these may lead to loss of life!

Even though the person senses the symptoms, he/she is misled that these symptoms might be to other diseases!

The reasons for the imminent risk: 
Researchers have established that living a life of social seclusion, feeling loneliness, etc., can increase the prospects of heart attack or stroke by 30%!!

Who is likely to be at risk? 
Retiring after completing the service on the job, just the process of ageing, and losing someone dearest in life, etc., social seclusion, and the feeling of loneliness are the reasons which improve the prospect of the risk of heart attack or stroke! An important point to note is that THIS IS NOT CONFINED ONLY TO THE SENIOR CITIZENS! NOWADAYS, EVEN CITIZENS OF THE AGE GROUP 18-22 ARE ALSO SUBJECTED TO THE FEELING OF LONELINESS!

Difference between social seclusion and loneliness: 
Though these two aspects mean the same thing, there ARE differences between the two!! Though some citizens stay away from society, they make take the necessary measures to stay single and happy! However, some citizens mingle and live in a society but keep their anxieties/stress to themselves!

Things to do: 
Approach the issues of social seclusion and the feeling of loneliness as serious issues! Enquire with the doctor how the patients live in close comfort with society.

Changes in the life routine: 
Dieting or keeping a strict watch on the e eating habits is quite important!  Please ensure taking nutritious food! Also, confirm doing physical exercises regularly! ESPECIALLY AVOID HABITS SUCH AS SMOKING AND DRINKING (ALCOHOLIC) LIQUOR!




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