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Why every woman must consume a spoon of honey daily?


Posted on : 13/Aug/2022 7:03:42 PM

Gone are the days when women were mostly confined to their homes doing household chores etc. Women these days go out and do all the work men do and sometimes even more than men also. They don`t strike the correct balance between work, family and their health. Truth is that staying healthy in the fast paced world is not that easy. Women have lots of stress and anxiety issues and find it very difficult. Eating healthy food could change many things in the lives of a woman.

In those days, women used to consume honey every day and this would help them to overcome anxiety, stress, pain, hormonal changes etc. Also known as liquid gold, honey is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants etc and these would improve the immunity of the women. The antibiotic as well as anti-inflammatory properties of honey would help a woman to get healed or recover faster.

These are various reasons why every woman must compulsorily consume honey daily.

Heals pain:
Menstrual cycle occurs every month in women between from around age 12 to their late 40s. Before and during the menstrual cycle a woman would feel headache, body ache, acidity issues etc. The inflammation would be high in women during this. Hence, a spoon of honey in lukewarm water or taking honey mixed with ginger tea would be superb.  

Improves hormonal imbalance:
The hormonal imbalance in a woman would get improved when she consumes honey every day By intake of honey, there would be improved reproductive health plus reduced mood swings and hormonal balance etc.

Reduces skin ageing:
Many women get signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines etc on their face. It is believed that intake of honey or application of honey could reduce these signs of aging effectively. Honey could be added to tea or coffee and consumed or it could be mixed with curd, gram flour and applied on the face.

Fights PCOS:
Poly cystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS is a disorder in reproductive women. This would make the ovaries to enlarge and there would be small cysts on the outer edges. By consuming honey, women would be able to fight PCOS well.




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