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Your sudden unintentional weight loss could be due to these reasons, be careful!


Posted on : 13/Aug/2022 4:30:59 PM

We all want to lose our excess body weight and we try many ways to do that.

Losing excess weight could be really good if it was intentional. Some people would lose weight suddenly without trying anything and this must not be taken lightly. The overall health of a person is shown by his or her body weight and any fluctuation in the weight could mean that something is serious.

Various reasons for the unintentional weight loss are

Thyroid issues:
It is possible to gain weight due to thyroid issues. Truth is that by having a fast metabolism we could lose weight but having too fast metabolism could be unhealthy or harmful. It is true that rapid metabolism could lead to other issues like rapid heart rate, more anxiety and insomnia, etc.

Gut disease:
Various conditions that can result in weight loss are celiac disease, Crohn`s disease, lactose intolerance and intestinal damage etc that can lead to malabsorption. When the gut is prevented from absorbing essential nutrients then we could get malabsorption. Intake of gluten free food would be able to treat the gut disease due to celiac disease.

Cancer could lead to rapid unintentional weight loss in us. So, when some person reports sudden weight loss without making any diet changes or without doing exercises etc, then he or she might have a serious issue or cancer.

Rheumatoid Arthritis:
The joints in us would get affected by rheumatoid arthritis issues and it is a chronic inflammatory disorder. It is noteworthy that pro-inflammatory cytokines increase both inflammation as well as expenditure of energy in rheumatoid arthritis. It is common to get affected with rheumatoid arthritis when a person is in the age between 30 and 50.

Drug abuse:
There would be weight loss without effort when a person depends on drugs. He or she would forget to eat due to the drug intake and as a result they would have abnormal weight loss. Using drugs constantly would make the immune system very weak. Weight loss would take place when a person smokes cigarettes and this would be by suppressing the appetite.




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