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Attention parents!! Kids could get these allergies and would find them very uncomfortable!!

Posted on: 13/Aug/2022 9:54:01 AM
Allergies and kids are inseparable!!

What is an allergy?

It is important to mention that allergies are abnormal immune system reactions to the things or allergen.

When compared to adults, kids always complain about issues lie cold, cough, rashes, stomach ache etc. The reason for that is because of the fact that they mostly play with dirt and dust. By this, they would be exposed to germs often. Not many know that allergies could be passed on from the parents to the kids through genes. Mostly, the allergies in the kids would be cured by following simple home based remedies etc. There are times when the allergies cannot be cured in the kids at home and therefore parents must consult a doctor compulsorily. These allergies might not be serious to the kids but parents must take enough precautions to avoid allergies in their kids.

Some common allergies that could attack a kid are

Seasonal allergies:
Dust present in the air or dirt can lead to seasonal allergies. It is worthy to note that based on the allergy the doctor would prescribe an antihistamine or allergy shots etc.

Skin allergy:
This is another most common allergy a kid could get.  When the kid touches something that the kid is allergic to or when the kid consumes unsuitable preservatives then the kid could get skin allergy. Ice could be applied to the infected area on the skin and by this it would be possible to cure the skin allergy. Wearing cotton clothes would stop skin irritations etc.

Food allergies:
The kid could get an allergy by consuming certain food and parents must take care and not give those allergy causing foods to their kids. Truth is that there is no permanent cure for food based allergy but allergic symptoms could be treated medically. Food allergies in the kids can be due cows milk, eggs, fish, peanuts and soy etc

Pet allergies:
Pet fur that would not create issues for some kids might create allergies to other kids. It is noteworthy that this pet allergy begins only when the kid comes into contact with the pet. Parents must make sure that the kid is away from the pets.