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Want to lower your blood sugar levels instantly or immediately, please consume these foods without fail?


Posted on : 09/Aug/2022 5:46:18 PM

These days with lots of stress around it has become so common to get diabetes or high blood sugar levels. When the blood sugar levels in us increase and exceed the normal levels then the condition is termed as hyperglycemia. Diabetes will not go away but it can be managed or controlled well by eating certain foods and by following certain changes in the lifestyle etc.

It is worth mentioning here that the normal blood sugar level in a person is between 70mg/dl to 90mg/dl. Those with blood sugar levels of more than 125mg/dl during fasting and 200 mg/dl random then the person is said to be diabetic.

Foods that will reduce the blood sugar levels instantly or immediately in us are

Intake of eggs:
When a person consumes an egg, then the protein and fat present in the egg would help buffer the blood sugar response of the body. Point is that intake of eggs would encourage stable blood sugar levels. Eating 2 eggs per day would be superb for the diabetics.

Intake of leafy green vegetables:
For instant reduction of blood sugar levels, it is important to eat leafy green vegetables containing high fibres, minerals and vitamins etc.

Intake of blueberries:
Blood sugar levels in a person would get lowered when he or she eats blueberries. The presence of dietary fibres and antioxidants would help in the reduction of blood sugar levels.  

Intake of avocado:
Rich in plant based fibres and fats, avocados can also lower the blood sugar levels immediately. By eating avocado, a person could get multiple health benefits such as improved gut health, lowers heart diseases risk, promotes healthy body weight etc

Intake of fermented foods:
The insulin levels present in the blood would be maintained by the probiotics present in the fermented foods. The blood sugar levels would get reduced well. Several examples of fermented foods are yoghurt, kefir, buttermilk etc.

Intake of oats:
Those persons with high blood sugar levels in them must eat oats rich in soluble fibres and high proteins etc. This would lower the blood sugar levels instantly. The blood glucose levels would get normalised and it would also result in the well being of the person.

Intake of nut butter:
Almond butter, peanut butter and cashew butter must be consumed by a person with high blood sugar levels. The presence of proteins, fibres and fats in the nut butter would reduce the blood sugar levels instantly.




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