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Know these unusual or strange reasons for getting heart diseases??


Posted on : 06/Aug/2022 5:22:56 PM


Heart diseases have become one of the major killers of human beings now because of the fact that many people now are unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is really shocking to note that nearly 17.9 million lives per year are lost due to heart diseases. Various types of heart diseases that occur in men and women are coronary artery disease, heart beat issues or arrhythmias, heart valve disease and heart failure etc.

We all know that heart disease could occur in us due to factors like high BP, high cholesterol, poor diet, lack of physical activity etc. Not many of us would know that heart diseases can also occur in us due to some strange or unusual reasons also.

Various unusual or strange reasons that can lead to heart diseases are

Living at sea levels:
It has been revealed that persons who live at high altitudes would not get affected by heart diseases etc. They do not develop issues like high BP, high cholesterol etc when compared to those living at the sea levels. It is a fact that those living at higher altitudes use the heart and lungs to maximum capacity due to low levels of oxygen.

Getting pregnant more than once:
This might be strange but it is true. Women who become pregnant more than once are at high risk of getting affected with heart diseases. They could develop a condition called atrial fibrillation and there would be irregular heartbeats. This could lead to blood clots in the heart. Finally, she could get issues like strokes, heart failure etc.  

Wrong belief regarding vaping or smoking e-cigarettes:
Many believe that vaping or smoking an electronic cigarette is better than a real cigarette. The fact is e-cigarette is also dangerous for health as they have chemicals like acetone and formaldehyde etc. These could lead to BP and blood clots and finally to easy build up of plaque in the arteries.

Less educated:
It was brought out by a study in 2016 in Australia that more educated persons have less chance of developing heart diseases in them. Point here is that when a person is highly educated then he or she would have lots of book knowledge and they would adopt a healthier lifestyle etc.

Binge watching:
It is said that persons who watch their favourite programmes continuously without doing any physical activity would develop heart diseases in the long run. This was according to the American Heart Association or AHA.

Getting deep forehead lines at young age:
When a person develops deeper lines on his or her forehead at a young age, then there are more chanceces of getting heart diseases. This was highlighted in the study that was conducted in 2018.
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