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If you hold back your sneeze, then you could get these serious issues, please take care!!


Posted on : 06/Aug/2022 9:59:10 AM


We all would have sneezed multiple times in our lives and sneezing is absolutely normal!!

There are times when many of us would have tried to stop from sneezing or tried to curb or hold back sneezing. This could have happened at libraries or inside a temple or during important meetings etc. It is really embarrassing to sneeze loudly in front of many people in a silent atmosphere.

In the last 2 years, the Coronavirus infection pandemic has changed our lives totally. The primary symptoms of Covid-19 are cold and cough and many of us would have become more self conscious of sneezing in public places. This holding back or curbing or stifling the sneeze could affect us very badly and this has been revealed by many doctors. So, next time if you are trying to stop sneezing, then please think about these issues you might get due to that.

Various serious issues we could get by not sneezing are

Ear drum issue:
It is true that by holding the sneeze the ear drum inside the ear could get ruptured. Inside the respiratory system, high pressure gets built by not sneezing and it would pass through the Eustachian tube that connects middle ear and eardrum. This would lead to tearing in either one or in both the eardrums leading to hearing loss.

Ear infection:
By sneezing, the dirt and bacteria formed in the nose would get released. Fact is that when a person doesn`t sneeze then reverse would take place and unwanted bacteria and mucus is pushed forcefully into the ears through nasal opening. This would lead to sever ear infection. So, please be careful.

Diaphragm gets injured:
Persons who do not sneeze could get their diaphragms injured. This is one of the least common but dangerous issues of not sneezing. When a person doesn`t sneeze, then pressure would get accumulated in the diaphragm. This accumulated pressure could damage the lungs resulting in lung failure.

We could get an aneurysm in the brain when we do not sneeze or hold back from sneezing. This would then result in profuse bleeding around the brain. This is considered a serious issue.

Damage to throat:
It is true that by pinching the nose to avoid sneezing we could damage the back of the throat. As a result, we could get severe pain. There would be swelling in the throat and we won`t be able to swallow anything or even speak also.
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