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Experts caution: Do not eat these food items along with curd!


Posted on : 05/Aug/2022 1:46:09 PM


One of the Dairy products, Curd is an important ingredient among the dairy  in the traditional south Indian food system/habit!

The bacteria in the curd help the digestion system to a great extent!

Curd is rich in vitamins and nutrients.  Curd also helps in building immunity against diseases!

Curd has a lot of health benefits! It contains Phosphorous, Calcium, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, and Potassium!

However, taking curd along with certain specific food items may lead to a negative effect!

As such, let us note the food items NOT TO TAKE ALONG WITH CURD!

  • Avoid taking fish with curd! Because both these items are rich in protein!  This excess intake may lead to digestion problems such as stomach pain and other complaints!
  • Avoid taking mango fruit with curd! Taking mango and curd together will increase body heat!  This may lead to skin complaints!  Eating mango with curd may lead to digestion problems as well!
  • Eating onions with curd is also NOT advisable! Curd tends to cool the body As such, taking onions with curd may lead to harm to the body`s health! Eating onion and curd together may lead to skin allergy and other skin complaints!
  • Curd is made from milk! However, it is not advisable to take milk and curd together! It may lead to diarrhoea, acidity, and indigestion problems. Two types of protein in both milk and curd are obtained from animals (cow, buffalo, etc.)   As such, eating them together may lead to several physical complaints!
  • Avoid taking curd with oil-rich food items! Eating oil-rich food items with curd may lead to allergy, itching, and other physical complaints!
  • By eating the above contrasting combination of eating curd with the above-mentioned food items, may lead to acidity, gastric problems, diarrhoea, breathing hardship, and digestion problems!
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