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Will the diabetics be affected by tuberculosis! Scientist from Health Company explains!

Posted on: 15/Jul/2022 1:53:11 PM
Recent research conducted by the National Health Council has established that the ailments of diabetes and tuberculosis mutually infect each other!

In this regard, the Director of NIH-ICER (National Institute of Health - Integrative and Clinical Endocrinology and Reproduction Study Section), Dr Subash Babu shared:

"In case a citizen is a diabetic, diabetes will increase the prospects of being affected by tuberculosis (TB) as well! Similarly, if a citizen is suffering from tuberculosis, he/she is likely to be affected by diabetes!

Diabetes can worsen the symptoms of tuberculosis! Or, the citizen will not respond to to the treatment given for resistance to tuberculosis!

In case a citizen is a diabetic, there are strong prospects of relapse of tuberculosis even after being cured once!

Around 25% of the world`s population is affected by the bacteria of tuberculosis! However, only 1-out-of-10 of these are affected by tuberculosis!

If a citizen is a diabetic, the prospect of being affected by tuberculosis (TB) increases by 3 times!

Being affected by tuberculosis can lead to another ailment - hyper Glycaemia!

As such, this presence of bacteria can increase the prospects for non-diabetics to get affected by diabetes!

Diabetics affected by tuberculosis can be treated and cured! However, the prospects of the treatment failing are rather high! Further, the chances of relapse of tuberculosis are also very high!

As the lungs of diabetes are damaged quite considerably, the cure for tuberculosis is very slow!

These patients must be kept under constant check for up to 2 years after the treatment!"