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Surprising reasons for the frequent breaking of nails and ways to make nails strong!!


Posted on : 05/Jul/2022 9:53:24 AM


How many know the fact that 27 percent of women suffer from a condition of brittle nails known as onychoschizia?

Breaking of nails is not a major issue normally but when it occurs frequently then it must be addressed immediately. The nails could reveal several health issues in us and just like the skin nails can also lose moisture and break away easily. There are few reasons for nails breaking like stress, wear and tear etc. There are also some surprising reasons for breaking of nails.

Various surprising reasons are

Iron deficiency:

Frequent breaking of nails can be due to iron deficiency. It must be noted that RBC cells start to die if the body doesn`t get sufficient iron. This would lead to the breaking of nails. 


Ageing is a natural process and every human being would have to undergo this process in their lives. Many things would happen when we age in our lives. Point to be noted is that our toe nails would become harder and stronger and our fingernails would become weak and break.

Thyroid issue:

Having thyroid issues can lead to many health issues in us. Those persons who have low thyroid levels or hypothyroidism would have frequent breaking of nails plus weight gain and hair loss etc.

Exposure to chemicals:

Nails would become soft and they would break easily when a person uses too many chemicals in the form of nail polish removers, detergents and household cleaners etc.

Raynaud`s syndrome:

In some persons, there would not be blood circulation around the nail area and due to this reason their nails would break easily. This is termed Raynaud`s syndrome. Body would have excess production of calcium.

Biting nails:

Many of us have the habit of biting our nails. It is true that by biting nails the tissues and cells around the nails would get damaged. This could be avoided by keeping the nails short and neat.

Texting or typing:

These days, 2 main activities most of us do is text and type. It is said that these could also lead to nail breaking.

Various ways to make nails healthy and strong:

By moisturising:

Every person must try to moisturise their hands with medicated lotions or with specific hand creams etc. The nail tissue would get strengthened due to the presence of lanolin and alpha hydroxy acids etc in them.

By covering hands and fingers:

It is necessary to wear gloves while working with chemicals such as dishwashers, detergents etc. This would prevent the nails from breaking etc.

By using good quality nail paint:

It is good to use water based nail paint that does not have chemicals in it. The presence of acetone might scale off the nails. So, please be careful.
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