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After giving birth, new mothers would have to face these health problems!!


Posted on : 04/Jul/2022 10:00:01 AM

Nothing can bring great joy and happiness for the pregnant mothers than seeing their newborn babies in their hands!!

Truth is that every woman after becoming pregnant would have a huge happiness and would feel sensational. They would be eagerly waiting to see their baby. Not many pregnant women would be aware that the time after the birth of their baby would not be an easy one. Just like their previous 9 months before giving birth, the time after child birth would also have highs and lows. Many mothers after giving birth would get issues like hair loss, weight gain, depression etc.

These mothers would have to take care of their new born plus would have to deal with their postpartum health issues simultaneously and that would not be an easy thing. It is essential that they must seek the help of a professional consultant or a health expert etc.

These are the most common postpartum health issues faced by a woman after their childbirth

Urinary incontinence:
This is one common issue that the majority of postpartum women face. It must be noted that after giving birth the pelvic floor muscles and tissues that support urinary bladder, uterus etc get stretched and would remain like that for some time. The urinary bladder would become weak and the woman would lose her control and there would be urine leakage. It is necessary to do some pelvic floor strengthening exercises to overcome this issue.

Breast pain:
The breasts of a woman would become a little big after giving birth and this would be due to the fact that the body establishes the amount of milk that would be needed for the baby. Truth is that breastfeeding could be painful or uncomfortable also. It is said that warm compress would help with the flow of milk. Consulting the doctor is needed if the pain persists.

Prolonged labour and rupture of membranes could happen and this would lead to infections in the woman after giving birth. Either at the surgical site of C- section or at the tear in the perineum, infections could take place. Infections are usually revealed by fever or by increased fever etc. Antibiotics are usually prescribed by the doctors to treat the infection issue.

Mood swings, stress etc:
The job of a new mother is not easy. They have to take care of their baby, attend to the feeding schedule, care for the newborn when they cry in the night time etc. By this, the new mother would feel irritated, stressed etc. She would have mood swings also.   

Postpartum depression:
New mothers could get depressed after the birth of their baby and this could b be due to the fact that their physical changes and additional responsibility etc. The changes in the hormones of the new mothers would make them feel sad and that is normal only. This issue would be temporary and if it persists for a longer time then the new mother would have to consult a counsellor or a therapist without fail.




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