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Do you know about these important signs that would reveal that a person is progressing well from trauma?


Posted on : 02/Jul/2022 9:38:02 AM

Many of us would have frequently come across the word trauma in our lives. What exactly is trauma?

It is important to mention here that trauma refers to the emotional response to an event such as accidents or some natural disasters or forced sexual relations etc. Many of us would feel shocked immediately after trauma and that is common. Some persons show unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships etc and these are the long term reactions due to trauma.

It is true that many of us find it tough to overcome trauma in our lives but there are some who have been able to come out of the trauma with the help of their friends/ relatives or with the help of some professionals etc.  Making progress from the trauma is very important for any person and by this only he or she would be able to live happily.

Various signs that would reveal that a person has been progressing well from the trauma are

Living in the present:
One of the most important signs of progression from trauma is ability to live in the present. It must be taken into note that a person must be able to live in the present without being overwhelmed by the past. He or she must leave behind their traumatic experiences of the past so that it doesnt control the emotions in the present.

Regaining some sense of safety:
When a person no longer feels submerged in his or her past traumatic events and could calm their minds in triggering situations etc, then the person has been progressing well in the trauma healing journey. Establishing physical as well as emotional stability would indicate the progression from trauma.

Looking forward to the future:
Progression from trauma is also revealed when he or she looks forward in his or her lives. By this, a renewed sense of self would be created by the person. Truth is that the past traumatic event would no longer be a primary event in their lives. It is said that reconnecting with themselves and embracing the future without feeling engulfed by past experience is a positive sign of healing from trauma.

Gaining self confidence:
After the traumatic experience, a person would not be able to make important decisions in their lives and would lose their self confidence. Gaining back self confidence is very important and it would show that the person is progressing well from the trauma. The person would not have self doubt and guilt etc while taking the decisions. Point is that the person progressing from trauma would show a more solution focussed approach.

Recognising and coping with triggers:
It has been explained that anotherer sign of recovering well from trauma is the ability to accept and recognise the triggers and ability to cope up with a sense of overwhelm caused by the triggers.

Showing self compassion:
It is important to have self compassion and take pride in one`s progress, accept the mistakes and think about how far they have come. All these would indicate the persons progression from the trauma. 




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