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Are you aware of these under- appreciated foods that can make us healthy?


Posted on : 01/Jul/2022 9:50:22 AM

Consuming healthy food has become more essential now than in the past with the Coronavirus pandemic affecting many across the globe. As a result, foods that would provide us with high immunity are highly sought after by many now is well known. Foods that are very popular would attract the attraction of many easily. There are also certain foods that are unpopular but highly healthy. Many of us do not know much about these highly healthy but unpopular foods.

Various under- appreciated but highly health foods we must consume are

Intake of pumpkin seeds:
One such food that is not popular but very healthy for us is pumpkin seeds. It is noteworthy that pumpkin seeds are full of omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fibres and omega 6 fatty acids etc and intake would provide us with numerous benefits like providing us good immunity, helps in wound healing, lowers risk of getting certain cancers etc.

Intake of sattu:
It is superb to consume sattu or roasted gram flour as they have minerals like calcium, iron plus vitamins etc. By consuming satta, inflammation would get reduced plus our blood circulation would improve. It has a low glycemic index and it would be of superb use for those with diabetes. It must be noted that the presence of fibres in sattu would detox our body. We could be free from issues like gas, acidity and constipation etc.

Intake of peanuts:
We would feel full after eating peanuts and our cholesterol levels would get lowered. This is due to the fact that peanuts are rich in fibres plus proteins, magnesium etc. We might be able to delay the aging process in us by eating peanuts that have resveratrol in it. Cancer risk would also get reduced by consuming peanuts.

Intake of fox nuts:
Makhana or fox nuts are also highly under- appreciated food but could provide us with numerous health benefits. Low in calories, fat and sodium, fox nuts could be a superb snack. Those with high BP could get benefited by consuming makhana rich in potassium and magnesium. The astringent property of makhana would be helpful for kidney ailments.

Intake of amla:
Our immunity would improve well by consuming gooseberries or amla rich in vitamin C and antioxidants etc. We could avoid getting flu and cold etc. Weight management would be possible by eating amla. Calcium absorption and iron absorption from food would be improved. Blood sugar levels would be kept in control by eating amla with chromium in it.




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