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Only when you eat these important vegetables after cooking, they become more nutritious for us!!


Posted on : 29/Jun/2022 9:58:35 AM

In recent times, the raw food diet has taken people by storm and many across the world have been trying as much as possible to eat vegetables as raw.

Truth is that eating vegetables in the raw form is often considered as the best way to add nutrition to the diet. Many dieticians and nutritionists have explained about how lesser the food is processed (by cooking etc) more nutritious it would be. Not many would know the fact that there are certain vegetables that would become more nutritious only after cooking.

These vegetables are more nutritious when cooked

Loaded with plenty of vitamins and minerals, this nutritious green leafy vegetable is eaten by many is known. Truth is that only after spinach is cooked it becomes more nutritious and would provide more health benefits. It is believed that when not cooked the nutrients in this vegetable are not absorbed completely. The presence of oxalic acid in this vegetable would block both iron and calcium. The bound calcium would become free or released after cooking and would make it more available for the body to absorb. Eating steamed spinach would reduce the risk of cancers.

It belongs to the flowering plant family Asparagaceae and is a herbaceous perennial plant. It has vitamins like A, C and K plus fibre, folate etc. It is said that when cooked the cell walls of asparagus would be broken down and important vitamins like C, A, B9 etc would be absorbed.

Bell peppers:
An antioxidant carotenoid would provide us with superb immunity present in bell peppers. Truth is that when bell peppers get heated then cell walls would be broken down and antioxidants would be absorbed. It would be better to roast bell peppers instead of steaming or boiling.

Green beans:
They are eaten as side dishes in many cuisines and dry vegetable dishes can also be prepared using green beans. When cooked only, the green beans have higher levels of antioxidants than when they are baked or fried etc.

When lightly steamed, kale would become healthier for us. Truth is that light steaming would deactivate the enzymes that would prevent the body from using iodine needed for thyroid to regulate metabolic functions.

When exposed to heat, mushrooms would release antioxidants. Point is that these would help in breaking down free radicals, reduce oxidative stress. The cells would be protected from damage and risk of aging early can be avoided.




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