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Drinking ice cold water in the summer season can harm you in these ways, take care!!


Posted on : 22/Jun/2022 9:29:05 AM


Summers can be unbelievably hot and we often try various ways to get relief from the scorching heat. Normally during the summer season, what the majority of us do is drink ice cold water and cold ice beverages etc directly from the fridge. Though it might be superb for the time being, but actually it is not. Truth is that drinking ice cold/beverages etc in the summer season could lead to several health problems for us.

When the season changes from winter to summer, then it is not advised to drink ice cold water or other drinks as they could be harmful for our health.

Various harmful effects of drinking ice cold water and drinks in summer season are

Throat infection:
Issues like sore throat and nasal congestion could affect a person when he or she drinks ice cold drinks in the summer season. It is true that drinking cool water especially after consuming foods could result in extra mucus. This mucus would then get build up in the respiratory tract and could lead to numerous inflammatory infections in us. Therefore, it is better to avoid drinking ice cold water or drinks in the summers.

Heart rate gets reduced:
Not many of us would have known that the heart rate would reduce by drinking ice cold water etc in the summers. The heart rate reduction is controlled by the tenth cranial nerve. It must be noted that this tenth cranial nerve is an important part of the body`s autonomous nervous system. The nerve would get activated after cold water is consumed and heart rate would get slowed down.

Digestion issues:
Contraction of blood vessels would occur due to drinking cold water and this could lead to disturbances in digestion process. The stomach would get contracted when we drink ice cold water and the digestion would become difficult after eating. Truth is that the cold water intake would quickly affect the digestive system in us.

Difficulty in losing weight:
The fat that is stored inside the body would not be burnt easily when a person drinks cold water in the summer season.  By this, the weight loss process would be difficult. If a person wants to lose weight, then the person must stay away totally from consuming cold water.

Tooth sensitivity:
Tooth sensitivity issues could also occur after drinking ice cold water in the summers. This would make chewing and drinking very tough. Drinking normal room temperature water would be good.
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