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What consuming excess beans would do to our health?


Posted on : 21/Jun/2022 9:48:38 AM

We all would have consumed kidney beans, black beans, soya beans, navy beans, red beans, lentils etc because they provide us with plenty of health benefits. It is believed that eating beans daily would prevent cardiovascular issues in us and we would be able to avoid heart attacks etc. The chances of getting cancer can be reduced plus it would help us to manage diabetes etc well.

Belonging to the family named Fabaceae, beans or pulses are ripe seeds of legumes. It is well known that beans are used widely in many dishes across the world. There are many ingredients present in the beans like iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamins like B, and E, fibre content etc. Not many of us would have known about the health issues which we could get by having excess beans.

Various side issues of intake of excess beans are

Gastric problems:
One of the most severe issues we could get by eating too much beans is gastric problems. The fibre content in the beans would keep us full for a long time and it would improve the intestinal health. The truth is that after eating beans, we might release excess gas. It is believed that the bacteria in the digestive tract that digests a lot of fibres present in the beans is responsible for issues.

Constipation issue:
Many eat excess beans but forget to drink plenty of water. This must be avoided totally as it could lead to constipation problems. Beans have got both soluble as well as insoluble fibres in them and liquid is needed for soluble fibres to travel through the system in a proper manner.

There are some people who get severe headaches after eating beans. These people must avoid eating beans. Truth is that this allergic reaction is not common.

Allergy issues:
It must be noted that lectins are present in small amounts in beans. The lectins could cause proteins to bind up in the intestinal system. This could lead to digestive issues in us. Eating beans could trigger allergies in some people and they must be careful.

Issues in men and women:
Though it is good to eat beans for the health to be good, excess intake of beans could lead to issues in both men and women. Men might develop female traits like breasts because of phytoestrogens present in the beans. Women might get fertility issues due to excess beans intake. 




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