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Skipping your dinner would result in these health issues, be careful!!

Posted on: 15/Jun/2022 5:19:01 PM
Many research studies in the past have mentioned breakfast being the most important meal of the day and why we must not avoid breakfast at any cost. Not much information has been available regarding the importance of eating dinner. This article would throw some light on the importance of dinner.

Normally, we eat breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon and dinner in the evening. There are many who skip dinner and due to this they would have got scolded by their parents. When we were young, we might not have listened to our parents advice regarding eating dinner. As we grow older, we would have felt that our parents were correct in advising us to eat dinner without skipping it.  The doctors advise the persons who are on the weight loss process to eat something light and not to be on an empty stomach. It is important to mention that skipping dinner would lead to a huge gap between the last meal and first meal

Skipping dinner could harm us in these ways.

Leads to stress and anxiety:
This is one major health issue we could get by avoiding or skipping dinner frequently. Skipping dinner would negatively impact the person. The mental as well as the physical health would be affected. We would feel anxious if we do not eat food at night. Unhealthy eating habits would develop in those persons who skip their dinner frequently. By this, anxiety would increase and there would be a decrease in blood sugar levels etc. More amounts of stress hormone would be produced in us.

Affects sound sleep at nights:
We could be sleep deprived if we do not eat dinner. Fact is that persons who do not eat breakfast would also have stress and anxiety. By this stress hormone, cortisol would be released and it would disturb the sleep cycle.

Leads to food cravings:
The habit of food cravings is not good and this could happen if we skip dinner often. The person would eat junk foods and it would harm their health in the long run.

Reduction in the energy levels:
It has been revealed that when we sleep without eating dinner then while waking up we would not have energy. Those persons with diabetes must eat dinner compulsorily to keep their blood sugar levels in control. It is noteworthy that a severe drop in the blood sugar levels could be dangerous for the health.