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Do you eat oily foods often then please do these compulsorily to avoid health issues!!


Posted on : 27/May/2022 9:46:34 AM


Most of us these days eat oily foods like French fries, deep dish pizzas, potato chips, doughnuts, onion rings etc. Truth is these oily foods are soul satiating foods and every foodie would eat them. It is important to note that after eating these oily foods many would have issues like indigestion, heaviness and burning sensations etc in the throat and stomach etc. The reasons for these issues are due to excess intake of spices and oils.

These are easy and highly effective solutions by which a person would be able to recover quickly from the issues mentioned above after eating oily foods.

By drinking warm water:
After consuming oily foods, it is essential that we must drink lukewarm water. By this our digestion would become much better. The digested foods would also be broken down into smaller forms much easily. When a person does not drink water after consuming oily foods then his or her intestines might absorb water from the food and it would result in constipation issues etc.

By drinking green tea:
Intake of green tea could provide us with amazing health benefits like weight loss, sugar control, cholesterol control etc. Balancing the oxidative load on the digestive system would be possible by intake of green tea rich in flavonoids.

By consuming probiotic food:
The digestive system would get boosted by eating curd with roasted cumin seeds after intake of heavy oily foods. Acidity would be avoided plus bowel movements would become better by probiotics of lactobacillus bacteria.

By consuming fibre rich food:
Our gut would get cleaned by consuming fibre rich oats or dalia and we would be able to recover well. It must be noted that the fibre rich foods would keep us full for a long period of time. The slow release of energy would help us to be active for a long time. The digestive system would recover from the damage due to the intake of oily foods.

By avoiding cold foods:
It is true that we might put more pressure on the intestines, stomach and liver etc when we eat cold foods like ice creams etc after consuming heavy oily foods. These ice creams etc would tempt us is a well known fact. The smooth digestion of oily foods might become difficult

By consuming nuts and seeds etc:
It is good to eat nuts and seeds after consuming heavy oily foods. These are full of fibres and when consumed would boost the digestion of greasy or oily foods.

By walking for sometime:
Many of us after eating oily foods just sit and relax or sleep also and this musust be avoided. It is essential to walk 1000 steps after intake of such foods for smooth digestion and metabolism stimulation etc. 
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