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For slowing down your hair loss problem, please avoid these without fail!!


Posted on : 24/May/2022 9:49:16 AM


Having strong thick hair would no doubt increase the self confidence of a person!!

These days, stress and several other factors like hormonal imbalance, pollution, unhealthy lifestyle etc leads to hair loss is a well known fact. When this happens, the person would get depressed and would have no confidence to face others. It is quite normal to lose a few hair strands every day. It must be noted that every day a person could lose 50 to 100 hairs.

The hair fall issue in a person must be considered seriously when he or she loses more than the above mentioned hairs per day.  It is true that for some persons the hair loss could be a slow process whereas for others it could be a fast process where he or she would experience sudden hair loss and there would be bald patches on their heads.

There are ways by which a person would be able to slow down the hair loss and they are

Not worrying too much:
When the cortisol levels become more due to high stress then it would lead to severe hair loss. So, please avoid worrying too much. It is a fact that stress could push hair follicles to rest phase and they might not produce new hair strands. When doing daily procedures like 0washing or combing, hairs would fall down over a period of time. It is very important that when a person experiences hair fall then he or she must not worry too much.  

Avoid smoking or vaping:
Matrix metalloproteinases are toxic to hairs and this would become more when a person smokes or vaping etc. Point is that this would lead to hair fall in many ways. it could reduce the blood flow to the scalp or by causing damage to DNA of hair follicles etc. It would be possible to get a limited amount of hair re-growth by avoiding smoking or vaping etc.

Avoid heat styling:
The disulphide bonds present in the hairs shaft would get broken down when a person uses heat for styling hairs. This would lead to hair loss in them. Hairs would become dry, easily prone to breakage and finally fall out by using hair dryer or curling tongs, hair straighteners etc frequently. So, be careful.

Avoid intake of less glycemic index foods and less protein foods:
There are many foods that have a high glycemic index. Examples are white breads, potato chips, pasta, juices with added sugars, French fries, onions, baked potatoes etc. It is revealed that eating such foods along with foods without proteins could result in nutritional deficiencies in a person. This would lead to more hair fall.  There are chances that with slight change in the diet hair growth could be promoted.
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