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Getting mouth ulcers or canker sores frequently, these might be the reasons!!


Posted on : 20/May/2022 9:55:31 AM

One mistake many of us make is that we concentrate too much on the significant health problems and just ignore the smaller ones. In our lives, many of us would have got mouth ulcers. This is a small issue only and it would be due to loss or erosion of delicate lining tissue in the mouth. Generally harmless but very painful, those persons who have mouth ulcers would find it difficult to eat or drink etc. Also called as canker sores, the mouth ulcers normally would go away after a week of time.

Mouth ulcers in us could be due to several reasons like

Poor oral hygiene:
First and most important reason for getting mouth ulcers is due to poor oral hygiene. We could get this issue when we do not brush our teeth properly or when we brush excessively. Recurring mouth ulcers could be due to the presence of certain ingredients like sodium lauryl sulphate in toothpaste or mouthwash etc.

Nutritional deficiencies:
It is possible to get mouth ulcers when a person lacks deficiency in minerals and vitamins like iron, zinc, vitamin B-12 etc.

Excess tobacco use:
The presence of toxins and harmful chemicals in the tobacco would also lead to mouth ulcers or canker sores in us. The chances of getting oral cancer or mouth cancer would become more due to the irritants present in tobacco.

Mouth infections:
Stress or anxiety could lead to weakened immune systems or changes in hormones. These could lead to mouth ulcers in us. It is worthy to mention that injury to the oral cavity could affect mouth ulcers. Habits like cheek or lip biting, presence of broken teeth etc could lead to mouth ulcers in us. There are also chances of getting mouth ulcers due to improperly fixed braces or dentures etc.

Lack of good sleep:
It is a known fact that we must sleep well for atleast a minimum of 6 hours every night for the mind and body to be healthy. Apart from other health issues, sleep deprivation could lead to mouth ulcers in us also.

By these ways, we could get relief from mouth ulcers:

By intake of green vegetables:
If we consume green leafy vegetables, beans and chickpeas etc, then we could easily get nutrients like zinc, vitamin C and iron etc. By this, we could avoid or prevent mouth ulcers in us.

By using apple cider vinegar or ACV:
It would be good to use apple cider vinegar or ACV when we get mouth ulcers. Here, ACV mixed with water is taken inside the mouth and is swished. This procesess must be repeated.

By rubbing garlic clove:
Point is that rubbing garlic clove over mouth ulcer could do a world of good for the affected person.  




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