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If you reuse cooking oil, then you might get these health problems, please be careful!!


Posted on : 20/May/2022 9:18:44 AM

Not only oil adds taste to the food, but also it would enrich us with many nutrients. Oil is very essential for cooking and in many Indian households oil is being used every day for cooking or frying many food items. To reduce the oil wastage, many re-use the cooking oil or use the oil again that has been previously used. This must not be done or it must be avoided as it might lead to several health issues in us.

Various health issues which we could get by reusing the cooking oil are

Leads to body toxicity:
Higher concentration of various toxic chemicals like aldehydes gets released when we reheat the oil that has been used earlier. This would result in several health issues like heart based ailments, cognitive issues like dementia, Alzheimers disease etc. It must be taken into note that HNE or 4-hydroxy- trans- 2 nominal get released also and this is very poisonous. It could create issues to the functioning of DNA. RNA etc in us.

Leads to bad cholesterol in us:
At higher temperatures, some fats present in the cooking oil would get converted into trans-fats. It is believed that re-warming the smoked black oil could result in higher amounts of trans fats. By using re-used cooking oil we could get serious issues like strokes, obesity, chest pain, heart disease etc. This could be due to the fact that more trans-fats intake could lead to more bad cholesterol levels in us.

Leads to acidity and burning sensations:
Not many of us would be aware of the fact that reusing cooking oil could lead to a poisonous process called rancidity. Here, oils go through complete or incomplete oxidation after being exposed to moisture, light etc. The particles present in the oil would get modified and affix bad smell/taste to the oil and also to the food cooked using that oil and this would happen each time when the oil goes through the heating process. Truth is that when we consume foods prepared using such oil then we could get issues like acidity, burning sensation in the stomach etc.

Increases inflammation and cancer:
Harmful substances like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAH and aldehydes etc get increased in the cooking oils when we reheat the cooking oil. These substances would increase the inflammation and cancer risk etc. There are many who suffer from increased inflammation and this could be also because of consuming the reused cooking oil.

It is important and good to use a fresh batch of cooking oil every time but that would be highly impossible for many. There are several ways to reduce the harmful effects of reused oil.

By these tips, it might be possible to reuse cooking oil safely:
It must be noted that the leftftover oil after cooking or frying must be cooled down and then transferred into an airtight container. By this, any food particles in the oil would be removed as they could spoil the oil much faster than expected. Another way is to check the oil each time for colour and thickness before reusing it.




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