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It is necessary that we must eat beetroot compulsorily for these specific reasons!!


Posted on : 19/May/2022 9:25:56 AM

Mostly found growing in places like Asia, Europe and northern parts of Africa and belonging to the family named Chenpodiaceae, beet root has a round shaped root vegetable. Various other names by which beetroot is also called are sugar beet, red beet etc. Both versatile as well as vibrant, beet roots are known for their earthy flavour and aroma. There are many nutrients present in beetroot and these are calories, fibres, folates, manganese, copper, potassium, magnesium plus vitamins like C. B6, B9 etc.

We could get these fantastic health benefits by consuming beetroot.

Good for cell growth:
This is one superb benefit of eating beetroot. By consuming beetroot vegetables having vitamin B9 the growth of cells would be improved.

Lowers BP:
The blood pressure of BP in us could be due to various reasons. It is one common health issue present in the majority of people. The nitrates present in beetroot would relax the blood vessels, By this, our blood pressure would get lowered.

Relieves constipation:
Our digestive tract would get cleared and the bowel movements would become easy and frequent when we consume beetroot rich in fibre content.

Lowers blood glucose:
Truth is that our blood glucose levels would get lowered by consuming beetroot rich in alpha lipoic acid. The insulin sensitivity in the diabetic patients would be increased.

Improves athletic performance:
It is a fact that by consuming beetroot we could get superb energy. This could help us in carrying out various activities in our lives. Intake of beetroot would enhance the athletic performance of a person too and this would be because of the presence of dietary nitrates in beetroot.

Fights inflammation:
By eating beetroot with anti-inflammatory properties, our chronic inflammation would get reduced well. By this, we would be able to manage certain health issues like arthritis, IBS, autoimmune disorders etc effectively.

Good for brains:
The health of the brain is very important for our lives to be normal. These days, many people face issues in their cognitive functions and find their lives very difficult. The nitrates present in beetroot would increase the blood flow to the brain. This would then improve cognitive functions.

Anti cancer properties:
A link has been brought to light by research studies regarding the betaine present in beetroots and cancer. It t is true that by consuming beetroot the risk of getting cancer would get lowered. It is believed that having higher blood levels of betaine is associated with low chances of developing cancer.




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