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Do you sit in a/c for a long time, then please be careful about these health issues that you could get?


Posted on : 14/May/2022 9:58:48 AM

The peak summer is now with scorching high temperatures and people mostly prefer to be in their rooms with air-conditioners or a/c switched on. Higher the temperature more would be the demand for air-conditioners. These days, the air-conditioners have become more of a necessity than a luxury. Not many of us would know that sitting in a/c for a longer duration of time could be harmful for us. It might be true that after a hectic day of work we could get good sleep with the air-conditioner switched on but we could get various health issues also.

There are various health issues we could get by staying in the air-conditioners for a longer duration of time. They are

Dry eyes:

It is known that dry eye issues in us could be due to numerous reasons like aging, medications, vitamin A deficiency, autoimmune conditions etc. There are more chances of getting dry eyes when we stay in the air-conditioning for a longer time. Dry issues could cause huge discomfort for the person. The person would show various symptoms like blurred vision, itching sensations etc. The dry issue would become worse by staying in the air conditioned room for a long time.


The air-conditioners would suck out more moisture than necessary. The chances of the room becoming dry soon are more when we set a/c at low temperature. Truth is that air-conditioners also suck out humidity from the body. It is necessary that we must be hydrated enough when we stay in the air conditioned room for a long time or else we could be dehydrated. 


While the heat outside the room is high, the heat inside an a/c room is low. There might not be sufficient time for the person to get adjusted to these temperatures. This could result in headaches.


By being in the a/c room for a long time, our nasal passages and mucous membranes would trigger viral infections in us. Our body gets protection from infections because the mucous forms a protective layer. The infections would enter our body when the protective layer gets disturbed by the a/c.

Respiratory issues:

The normal functions of the nose and throat would get disturbed when we stay in the air-conditioned rooms for a longer duration. The person could get respiratory blockage and mucous membrane inflammation etc.


By being lethargic, the productivity would decrease at the workplace. This lethargy is also another side effect of being in an air-conditioned room for a long time. Therefore, natural ventilation would be better than air-conditioners at the workplaces.

Asthma and allergies etc:

When we sit in an air-conditioned room for a longer time then we could get asthma attacks and allergies etc. This could be due to air-conditioners not cleaned properly.  




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