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The digestive issues of the baby can be improved by these superb home remedies

Posted on: 09/May/2022 9:59:52 AM
All babies cry and it is their only method of communication with the mother!!

A baby won’t be able to express the feelings and it is the duty of a mother to know what the baby is trying to say by crying. There is not just one thing to look after when you welcome a baby to this word. Babies face digestive issues and find it difficult. It is common to see babies vomiting or spitting up, dribbling milk with burps etc whenever a baby is fed. These are the various signs of digestive issues shown by the babies. A mother can try various home based remedies to treat the digestive issues in the baby. Some common digestive issues in babies are acid reflux, diarrhoea, gas, colic and vomiting.

Various home remedies are

By gently massaging:
Massages are superb for the babies as they not only help the baby to overcome the digestive issues but also provide comfort for the baby. It is superb to mention here that massages would strengthen the bones and muscles of the babies plus remove the discomfort of the baby.

By adding yoghurt to the diet:
One of the most easily digestible foods is yoghurt. It is known that yoghurt is full of nutrients. The presence of good bacteria and probiotics in yoghurt would make it superb for the stomach of both adults as well as the baby. Issues like diarrhoea in the baby could be managed well by yoghurt intake. The yoghurt must be diluted before feeding to the baby.

By changing breastfeeding position:
There are possibilities that some feeding positions could lead to acid reflux in the baby. Therefore, a mother must place her baby in an upright position for feeding. By this, the chances of the baby throwing up would be reduced.

By feeding bananas:
The digestive health of both adults and babies could become better by consuming bananas. It is known that bananas are highly delicious and loaded with many nutrients. Mothers must smash the banana or cut it into very small pieces so that the baby would be able to eat it well.

By giving homemade gripe water:
To deal with digestive issues of the baby, gripe water is being provided to the baby is a well known fact.  Though many purchase gripe water from the shops, it could also be made at the homes also. Along with the gripe water, it would be superb to add ginger, fennel seeds etc also.

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