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Is napping or sleeping for a short time in the afternoons good?


Posted on : 21/Apr/2022 9:42:10 AM

Do you have the habit of closing your eyes for a short time in the afternoons?

If yes, then here is some good news for you!!

Not only babies do napping in the afternoons, but also adults. Truth is that napping could make the person feel energised and refreshed whether the person naps immediately after lunch or after some time.  It is often said that napping during the day could make a person lethargic, make him or her obese and disturbs sleep in the night time and they might not be 100% true. There are few religions and cultures etc that even support napping. It is noteworthy that the habit of napping has been going on for several centuries and there are few superb health benefits associated with napping.

These are the various health benefits of napping.

Improves digestion:
After eating lunch, a quick session of napping could be superb for digestion. By napping, our body would feel relaxed and all the energy would be focussed on breaking the food and absorbing the nutrients. This napping would even help a person to avoid issues like IBS, constipation etc.

Lowers bloating:
Sometimes, we might feel fuller and uncomfortable after eating food and this is due to the formation of gas inside. By napping, digestion would get speeded up and there would be relief from bloating issues. 

Improves sleep quality:
Not many would have known the fact that napping doesn’t interfere with night sleeping. Point is that it only happens if a person has an erratic sleep schedule or is sleep deprived.  A thirty minute nap in the afternoon followed by exercises could help a person sleep well at night.

Hormonal balance gets better:
It is revealed that sleeping in the afternoons would improve hormonal irregularities in a person. Those who have issues like type-1 or type-2 diabetes, thyroid, PCOD would benefit by sleeping in the afternoon for some time.

Improves memory and mood:
Sleeping for a short time in the afternoon could help in improving the mood of a person plus restores memory etc. It would be possible to remember various things we have learnt in the day by napping and our alertness would also become better. 

Correct procedure for napping:
After eating lunch, we must lie down on the fetal position on the left side. It is good to sleep for 10 to 30 minutes in the afternoons. The correct time for napping would be between 1pm and 3pm.




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