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Fantastic and effective tips to overcome or get rid of bloating quickly!!


Posted on : 20/Apr/2022 9:20:04 AM

Sometimes, our stomach would feel full and tight and it is due to the gas in the intestines. This is termed as bloating. It is revealed that getting a bloated stomach after eating might be due to digestive based issues. A person would feel highly uncomfortable when he or she has a bloating issue. The superb piece of information is that we would be able to overcome or get rid of bloating by following some easy tips or ways.

Various effective and fantastic tips to overcome bloating issue are

By massaging abdomen:
The gas present would move to the lower part of the body and would finally pass out by gently massaging the abdomen. It is important to note here that when the massage is carried out by following the path of the intestine, then we could get quick results and overcome bloating easily.

By taking a warm bath:
It would be possible to overcome or get rid of bloating by a long warm relaxing bath. It is believed that the heat of the warm bath would provide relief to sore abdomen and by this we could be able to pass the gas built up. This warm water bath would also prove to be very effective in relieving stress and the effectiveness of GI tract would be improved.

By increasing fibre consumption:
This is one of the most effective and easy ways to overcome bloating issues. By consuming more fibres the stools would get bulked up and we would be able to reduce bloating and constipation etc. Information is that male must consume 38gms of fibres and females must consume 25gms of fibre daily. This daily requirement of fibre could be achieved by eating various fruits and vegetables.

By eating de-bloating foods and beverages:
We would be able to overcome or get rid of bloating by consuming certain foods and beverages etc. The gas present inside would get released by these foods and beverages intake and we could feel relieved. Bananas are superb for bloating. Persons with bloating issues could try fennel seeds and yoghurt etc. Drinking green tea would be highly effective too.

By doing light exercises:
It would be superb by doing light exercises like walking or yoga etc to overcome bloating. It is believed that by moving the body stomach muscles would get contracted and excess gas would be released very quickly. Seated forward bend pose and child’s pose could be highly beneficial to get rid of bloating.




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