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Keep an eye on these hidden signs of stress in the body!!


Posted on : 15/Apr/2022 10:15:44 AM

Many of us these days have one common issue called stress. It is important to note that stress is any change that causes physical, emotional and psychological strain in us.

It is believed that small amounts of stress could be beneficial for the brain but there are times when we would have lots of stress in us. This could be dangerous for your health.

There are few issues we could have due to excess stress and these are numbing of senses, reduced productivity, reduced problem solving capacity etc. When a person has excess stress then he or she would not be able to make correct decisions also. Stress can lead to physical symptoms like headaches, muscular tension, dizziness etc.

It is worth mentioning here that our physical symptoms could also be due to some other reason. When a person has headaches and other unexplained aches for a long time period, then he or she can do relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing etc. There are times when we might not be aware of some subtle signals or signs that our body gives when we are in stress.

Various hidden signs of stress in your body are

Unexplained aches and pains:
The muscle tension we could get due to stress can lead to pain in the neck, shoulders and back etc. The pain would go normally but when the pain persists for a longer time then it is confirmed that the person has stress in excess.

Trouble in sleeping:
Falling asleep and staying asleep would be difficult when a person is stressed. It is necessary to take care of the sleep deprivation issue caused due to excess stress.

Frequent headaches:
Many of us get headaches or migraines etc due to tension or stress. If the stress levels become too high, then a person would get headaches frequently.

Digestive issues:
Many of us these days have digestive based issues like indigestion, heartburns, constipation diarrhoea etc. The digestive issues could be due to excessive stress also.

Low energy and fatigue:
When a person is stressed then he or she would have fatigue and exhaustion etc. This could be due to the fact that when stressed the body would be mostly in the fight or flight mode. Truth is that we would feel tired and drained of energy when we have too much stress in us.

Excess sweating:
When we have lots of stress, then we would have excessive sweating. It must be taken into note that this sweating would not be ththe same that we could get when we are hot or physically exerting ourselves etc. It is an adrenaline hormone that causes sweating in us when we are stressed.

Less sex drive:
This is also one important hidden sign of stress in us. The increase in the cortisol hormone due to excess stress would reduce the sex drive in us.

Weight changes:
There would be some change in our appetites when we are stressed too much. This could further result in weight changes in both ways like weight gain or weight loss.




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