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Avoid ear based infections by consuming these amazing super foods!!

Posted on: 22/Feb/2022 11:08:50 AM
For a healthy life it is essential that we must eat healthy foods!!

Our organs would function well depending on the foods we eat. It is true that for our sensory system such as eyes, nose, ears, tongue etc to function well we must eat a good healthy diet.

Just like eyes, ears are also very important for us. We must take proper care of our ears so that they function well. Point is that many of us ignore ear health and later face issues. It is worthy to mention that ear infections can be controlled by proper diet and medicines etc.

There are few foods that a person must eat to keep ear based infection at bay and these are 

Intake of fruits:

The blood vessels present in the ear would open up when we eat magnesium content present in the bananas. There would be easy blood circulation and oxygen delivery etc. Glutamate is the main reason for hearing loss in adults and management of glutamate would be possible by intake of fruits like bananas etc. Fruits like oranges and citrus fruits would fight free radicals and that is responsible for the age related health issues is a known fact. It is believed that vitamins like C and E found in oranges could act as supplements in preventing hearing loss.

Intake of salmon:

It is known that as we grow older our body deteriorates and hearing also gets reduced. For hearing, intake of salmon is highly beneficial. The presence of omega 3 fatty acids in salmon, sardines would reduce age related hearing loss effectively. For the vegetarians, intake of omega 3 fatty acids pills would provide the same benefits similar to the intake of fishes.

Intake of dark chocolates:

The zinc present in the dark chocolates could have superb benefits for the health of the sensory organs. The zinc would boost the immunity and by eating dark chocolates we can avoid ear infections. The hearing capacity of a person would get better by eating dark chocolates having magnesium. The circulation in the ear would become better by magnesium as it would dilate the blood vessels.

Intake of green leafy vegetables:

There are sensitive and delicate tissues present in the ears. Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, spinach are rich in folic acid, vitamins K, C, potassium and magnesium etc. Blood circulation to the ears and cell development would be improved by folic acid and other minerals etc. A person would have an effective hearing capacity if he or she consumes a good amount of greens in either raw form or as steamed form etc.

Intake of milk products:

Excellent source of vitamins and minerals, milk has vitamins like A, B, D, E and K. This would help in metabolism and transfer of oxygen in the body. There are antioxidants plus minerals like potassium and magnesium present in the milk products. Point is that these maintain and regulate fluids in the cells and body. Sensitive fluid in the inside ear would get preserved.